Zero Waste Will Soon be 25% Easier in Davis

The City of Davis has a long history of taking progressive action when it comes to reducing our waste. We got our start in 1970 when Davis residents Richard Gertman, and Barney and Margaret Hill formed the Recycling Awareness Committee of Davis. This group, whose actions began with the coordination of a newspaper recycling program, […]

“Green Team” at Holmes Junior High Rocks the R’s

Recently I had the privilege of serving on the Nominating Committee for the Cool Davis’ annual Eco-Hero award. Among the  winners was the “Green Team” at Holmes Junior High. I got the chance to visit the school and talk to the two incredible staff members who have volunteered to lead the team, and meet with junior […]

Zero Waste Shopping for the Organizationally Challenged

While I think Bea Johnson’s ideas, are wonderful I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I’m not going to commit to the level of organization required to shop in this way. These ideas have inspired me though to look for ways to reduce packaging while shopping that don’t require a significant amount of pre-planning.

Perfectly Good Box Anyone?

Received a package today, the box it came in is in perfectly suitable condition to be used, probably many times over.  It seems ridicules to recycle it into something else when it can still be used for its original purpose. Any suggestions, that don’t require me keeping it in my already full garage until I […]

Milk Jugs

The tricky, but essential step, when purchasing usable milk jugs in order to reduce waste, is remembering to bring the jugs back to the store so they can actually be reused.