A Weeks Worth of Waste

It’s been six months since my family has taken on the challenge to reduce the amount of waste we generate- it’s probably more accurate to say that it been 6 months since I decided we were going to take on this challenge-my family has been kind enough to humor and support me in this effort. […]

Water Stations- Are they really the best options?

My first response this past Friday when my family and I arrived at Community Park to watch the fireworks and spotted an Aero Pure Water Station was to think what a great idea. The water trailer provided 8-self fill stations that, according to their website, had enough water to fill 4,000 half liter sport bottles. At […]

Single Use Plastic Bag Ban Comes to Davis

There are many reasons why after attending UC Davis my husband and I made the decision to settle in Davis and raise our family here. Among them is because we enjoyed living in a community that shared our values-especially in terms of environmental conservation. These values were reflected in our city council decision last November […]

Celebrate Davis! Zero Waste

About 10,000 people are expected to gather at Community Park next Thursday to attend Celebrate Davis! an event sponsored by the Davis Chamber of Commerce that features over 100 food and vendor booths, live music, a family fun zone, and ends with a fireworks display. As someone who is striving to reduce that amount of […]

Bring My Own Bag for Bagels.

Instead of buying bagels at grocery store in a plastic bag I brought my own bag to Posh Bagels. Bonus got to mix and match which ones I wanted, so everyone gets their favorite kind.

Bring Our Own: Beyond the Bag

One of the first steps my family took when attempting to reduce the amount of waste we generate is bringing our own bags when going grocery shopping. My husband does that bulk of the shopping on the weekend and has consistently been bringing usable bags on these trips for the past few years. My shopping […]

City Prepares for Single-Use Bag Ordinance Implemenation

On November 12 of last year city council past an ordinance that regulates the distribution of single-use bags by local businesses.  The purpose of the ordinance is to reduce the distribution of carryout bags and promote the use of reusable bags.  The city has been conducting workshops for business owners to explain how the ordinance […]

Less is More

Recently my family has taken on the challenge of reducing the amount of waste we are responsible for generating.  We decided to undertake this challenge in small, incremental steps, in attempt to make the seemingly monumental task of living a Zero Waste lifestyle a little less daunting and little more feasible. A common theme I […]

Making Recycling Easier

Knowing that my family is attempting to reduce the amount of waste we generate, especially the type that ends up in the landfill, a friend who has a similar goal made the following two suggestions: * Make our trash cans smaller and our recycling cans larger; and * Put recycling containers in every room in our house. […]