Water Refill Station at Davis Senior High School

I happened to be at Davis High School the other day when this water bottle refill station was being installed. Would love to see these on every school campus. (While we are at it I’d love to see them ditch the “sports drink” dispensing vending machines:-).

Zero Waste Will Soon be 25% Easier in Davis

The City of Davis has a long history of taking progressive action when it comes to reducing our waste. We got our start in 1970 when Davis residents Richard Gertman, and Barney and Margaret Hill formed the Recycling Awareness Committee of Davis. This group, whose actions began with the coordination of a newspaper recycling program, […]

“Green Team” at Holmes Junior High Rocks the R’s

Recently I had the privilege of serving on the Nominating Committee for the Cool Davis’ annual Eco-Hero award. Among the  winners was the “Green Team” at Holmes Junior High. I got the chance to visit the school and talk to the two incredible staff members who have volunteered to lead the team, and meet with junior […]

I’m Not Alone!

Originally posted on Near-O Waste:
I was recently invited to join a network of zero waste bloggers and I must say I was honored. It’s so exciting to connect with other people who are on the same mission! Check out these blogs about zero waste, homesteading, and other similar ventures: Grunish, out of Oregon (This is the blogger…

Reducing Waste in Paradise

This past Christmas my family had the opportunity to travel to Hawaii where we spent 10 lovely days at a resort on the island of Oahu. This was our first extended trip since taking on the challenge a year ago to reduce the amount of waste we generate. So in preparation I did some internet […]

Yolano Climate Action Marches for Climate Change

On February 7th, thousands of people are expected to take part in The March for Real Climate Leadership: Our Water, Our Health, Our California.  The march, organized by a broad coalition of environmental groups across California, demands that Governor Brown take real action against fracking. Californians Against Fracking, one of the event organizers, states, “If Jerry Brown […]

A Weeks Worth of Waste

It’s been six months since my family has taken on the challenge to reduce the amount of waste we generate- it’s probably more accurate to say that it been 6 months since I decided we were going to take on this challenge-my family has been kind enough to humor and support me in this effort. […]

Water Stations- Are they really the best options?

My first response this past Friday when my family and I arrived at Community Park to watch the fireworks and spotted an Aero Pure Water Station was to think what a great idea. The water trailer provided 8-self fill stations that, according to their website, had enough water to fill 4,000 half liter sport bottles. At […]