Plastic Free Freezing

Instead of using a plastic ziplock bag to store extra cookies in the freezer I used a wide-mouthed glass peanut butter jar. It worked great.

Better, but maybe not the Best?

I think this a great alternative to single use plastic water bottles. Eventually though I’d love if we could get back to a place where we rely on tap water to meet our hydration needs. Having better access to municipal water in our public spaces would be a place to start, so environmentally minded parents, like the ones that hosted the party we attended today at a local park, don’t have to lug 5 gallon bottles of water around in order to provide the healthiest drink option to party goers.

Water Refill Station at Davis Senior High School

I happened to be at Davis High School the other day when this water bottle refill station was being installed. Would love to see these on every school campus. (While we are at it I’d love to see them ditch the “sports drink” dispensing vending machines:-).

Zero Waste Will Soon be 25% Easier in Davis

The City of Davis has a long history of taking progressive action when it comes to reducing our waste. We got our start in 1970 when Davis residents Richard Gertman, and Barney and Margaret Hill formed the Recycling Awareness Committee of Davis. This group, whose actions began with the coordination of a newspaper recycling program, […]