Pass on the Plastic Packaging

Does produce need to be packaged in either rigid plastic containers or a plastic bag in order to make it from the grocery store to your kitchen? Any easy way to reduce consumption is to skip the plastic packaging and place produce directly into your cart. Best part, this waste reduction tip takes no preplanning.

About Michelle Millet

Michelle is a 25-year resident of Davis. She currently serves as the Vice-Chair of the Natural Resource Commission and sits on the Executive Boards of the Explorit Science Center and Davis Bicycles! Michelle writes periodic columns for the Davis Enterprise and maintains a blog about her family's efforts to live a zero-waste lifestyle, and works as a part time substitute teacher. Michelle and her husband Mitch live in South Davis with their 11-year old daughter Emi, their 9-year old son Drew, plus their 2 dogs, and 6 chickens.

3 Responses

  1. Nadine

    Simple step indeed! Unnecessary bags for produce, and takes so much extra time to bundle up; I just grab, toss in cart, and move on!

  2. Hi Michelle: I’m completely with you. I don’t bother with the plastic produce bags the supermarket supplies for us to bag up our lettuce or tomatoes, but there’s still a lot of plastic on that produce: The “organic” sticky tape band around the romaine and those ever-present little stickers on avocados and tomatoes. I find it so ironic that most of the organic stickers and tags are plastic, whereas the price stickers are not. The hope is that these will eventually become paper stickers, too, as I understand there is some legislation that was introduced over a year ago to this affect. Baby steps, yes, but when we go that extra mile to not buy produce with plastic packaging and then find that the organic produce has plastic and the non-organic doesn’t, now that’s frustrating. Have you found that to be true in your supermarket?
    — Liesl at Pioneering The Simple Life

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