Less is More

Recently my family has taken on the challenge of reducing the amount of waste we are responsible for generating.  We decided to undertake this challenge in small, incremental steps, in attempt to make the seemingly monumental task of living a Zero Waste lifestyle a little less daunting and little more feasible. A common theme I […]

Making Recycling Easier

Knowing that my family is attempting to reduce the amount of waste we generate, especially the type that ends up in the landfill, a friend who has a similar goal made the following two suggestions: * Make our trash cans smaller and our recycling cans larger; and * Put recycling containers in every room in our house. […]

Grey Water Collection Experiment

Thought I’d impulsively collect my shower water today. Honestly surprised with how much I collected.  I’ve used some of it  to “flush” the toilet, which only required lifting the lid and pouring it in.  Problem is I won’t use it all flushing toilets before my next shower and I have no place to store this water […]

Home Made Notepad

Emi had a ton of extra pages in a math journal she used last year. I ripped out the unused pages, cut them in half, clip them together and applied booking binding glue to the top edge. It took about 10 minutes to make great home made notepad.