Perfectly Good Box Anyone?

Received a package today, the box it came in is in perfectly suitable condition to be used, probably many times over.  It seems ridicules to recycle it into something else when it can still be used for its original purpose. Any suggestions, that don’t require me keeping it in my already full garage until I […]

Green Waste Containerization Benefit: Food Scrap Collection

This piece was published on the The People’s Vanguard of Davis. According to the long range calendar, this Tuesday the Davis City Council was set to discuss the potential implementation of a containerized green waste collection program. The 2013 Davis Integrated Waste Management Plan, a document compiled by city staff with input from the […]

Packaging Free Produce

In order to keep from being overwhelmed by the idea of our family achieving the goal of zero waste, my husband and I have collaborated on ways to reduce our waste a little bit at a time.   One of our first goals is to reduce the amount of waste generated when grocery shopping. We […]

Milk Jugs

The tricky, but essential step, when purchasing usable milk jugs in order to reduce waste, is remembering to bring the jugs back to the store so they can actually be reused.